Dr. Edward C. Caprielian
Human Resource Management Consultant
Focusing on Maximizing the Potential of Human Resources in and between organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors
Author of the Classic Audio Series:
Negotiating Leverage:
How To Get It! How To Use It! How To Keep It!

Professional Services

  • Consultation
  • Professional Development
  • Policy Analysis, Formulation and Implementation


  • Negotiating Strategies & Skills
  • Policy Governance
  • Network Governance
  • Government-Community Relations
  • Consensus Building
  • Dispute Management
  • Leadership and Management Professional Development
  • Human and Fiscal Resource Management

The New and Growing Reality of Integrated Governance Between
The Public, Private, and Non-Profit Sectors

Rather than monolithic sectors, a growing need exists for increasing the effectiveness of the interrelationships between the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The professional services offered by Dr. Edward C. Caprielian focus on the forces promoting these inter-relationships, the resulting advantages and challenges, and the key elements for maximizing the potentials including

  1. Network Design
  2. Network Integration
  3. Network Accountability
  4. Network Capacity Development

Negotiations – The Central Focus To Success

Given the inherent differences in values, methods, and goals between these sectors, negotiation competencies become central to success. Therefore, the foundations for the multiple services described herein build around the key strategies and skills for negotiation.

The complete audio-cassette program, Negotiating Leverage: How To Get It! How To Use It! How To Keep It!, is provided on this website. It consists of 16 cassettes with interviews from a wide-variety of professionals integrated with the comments of Dr. Caprielian to negotiating at various organizational and interpersonal interfaces (both internally and externally), along with the flexibility of using a variety of sources of negotiating leverage, strategies, and skills.

These insights represent the tested classic principles underlying success in modern negotiations and their application to future negotiations. Along with the cassettes, a program guide is included to highlight the key points presented by the speakers and the fundamentals and implications of the author based on his experience along with those of the speakers.

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